OH Medicaid Managed Care Provider Complaint Form


This form is for Managed Care providers only. Providers must appeal denied claims to the MCP before the Ohio Department of Medicaid will process a complaint. If your complaint involves multiple Managed Care Plans (MCPs), please complete one form per MCP. The resolution timeframes for Managed Care complaints are 2 business days for complaints involving access to care, and 15 business days for all other issues. If you have a complaint regarding Medicaid Fee For Service please call 1-800-686-1516.

Complaint Details

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* Is this complaint related to children with special health care needs?
* Is the patient receiving or seeking mental health or substance abuse services?
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HIPAA Guidelines for Provider Complaint Attachments

Your submission must only include information for Medicaid members. Including personal information for non-Medicaid members is a HIPAA violation. If your attachment is found to include non- Medicaid enrollees, your entire complaint may be summarily rejected, and you may be asked to resubmit your complaint with the corrected detail.

If your complaint pertains to multiple Medicaid Plans, you must submit a separate attachment for each Plan. Each attachment must include only Medicaid enrollees pertaining to that Plan.

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  • Each file must be 10MB or less in size & in following formats only: .pdf, .jpg, .png, .xls, .xlsx

  • Files Limit: Maximum of 5 files per complaint

If related to denied claims, Providers must appeal denied claims to MCP before ODM will process a complaint.
Date Appeal was denied.
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Provider/Follow-up Details

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